Social Media Statement


Pathstone Mental Health uses social media to educate, engage and communicate with our community as we work to raise awareness of children’s mental health issues, services available and Pathstone activities.

Please note our social media accounts are not monitored 24/7.  A small team checks and posts comments during regular office hours and we will do our best to respond to inquiries within 3-5 business days.

Our social media is not staffed by clinicians and we are not able to provide clinical information, advice, service or crisis support over social media. As such, Pathstone’s social media must not be used in emergency situations. If you need mental health crisis support, call our Crisis Line at 1-800-263-4944.  If you require immediate emergency assistance please contact 911.

We encourage a useful exchange of comments, questions and suggestions. However, postings on any of our social media sites must not contain any inappropriate information or images including personally identifying information or messages that risk the privacy of others. Inappropriate postings include but are not limited to hate speech (personal attacks, profanity, racism, etc.), graphic, obscene, explicit or illegal submissions as well as advertisements and defamatory comments. Pathstone reserves the right to delete any inappropriate content. If an individual continues to violate this policy, we reserve the right to block individuals from posting.

Pathstone Mental Health is not responsible or liable for any damages in connection with our social media accounts and their contents.

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