WELLNESS STALLS Workplace Wellness Kits

Join us in reaching out into every corner of our community.


With the lasting mental health impacts the pandemic is having on all of us, we wanted to reach deeper into our community.  This series brings mental health strategies and motivational messages into the most private and intimate places, and could be at a time when someone isn’t feeling ok. Join us in reaching out into every corner of our community.

Each KIT includes the following:

  • 20 Uniquely Designed Decals – to be placed in restroom walls and stalls or even high traffic hallways (each has a QR code that leads to a walk-in clinic info page at pathstonementalhealth.ca),
  • Partner Window Cling – to be placed in windows / doors at entrances,
  • Mini “button style” Clings – to accompany the decals that promote mental health walk-in clinic services in your community.

*Please note: Cling material will NOT damage any surface it’s applied to.

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